Jorge Luis Martinez Camilleri


About his Life:

  • Date and place of birth: Havana, May 29, 1971, Cuban citizen.
  • He was taught art at the Casa de la Cultura del Cerro. 1980-1983.
  • He graduated from the Vocational School of Art “Paulita Concepción”, 1983-1986, in Fine Arts.
  • Mechanical Design graduate, 1990, Polytechnic Center “René Ramos Latour”.
  • Bachelor of Arts degree. F.O.C. “Armando Mestre”. Municipality on October 10. 1991.
  • Soundman title, musicalizador and artistic editor. Exceeding art school “Ideology Martiano”. 1993.
  • Title Language English. Language school “John Reed”. 1993.
  • A graduate of Fine Arts at the “San Alejandro” Academy 1998.
  • He belonged to the “Hermanos Saiz” Association.
  • It belongs to the Cultural Fund.
  • National Register of the Creator. Docket No.: 6374. July 1998.
  • He was curator and editor of the art gallery “Wifredo Lam”, Marianao, where he conducted workshops for painting in prison “Toledo”. 2001.
  • He is currently Scenographic Designer of the theater group “Cimarron”, directed by Alberto Curbelo.

Personal Exhibitions:

  • “The Green Door”. 1996 Gallery “Wifredo Lam”. Marianao.
  • “For the Keyhole” Marianao Municipal Museum.
  • “Reflections”. Da Vinci Photomechanics 1998. S.A.
  • “More than words”. 2001 Cultural Center of Spain.
  • “Lost paradise”. 2001. Gallery “Wifredo Lam”. Marianao.
  • Bi-Personal exhibition “States” .2006. Gallery “Wifredo Lam”. Marianao.
  • Exhibition: “Habaneceres” November 2007. Hostal Comendador. Old Havana.
  • Exhibition: “Habaneceres” Radio Rebelde, Building ICRT. Vedado. 2008.

 Group Exhibitions:

  • Collective Expo. Gallery “Teodoro Ramos”. 1991. Cerro.
  • Academic 1996 A.A.P. San Alejandro.
  • “Any Resemblance Pure Coincidence is” 1997. Gallery “Jose Antonio Diaz Pelaez”. San Alejandro.
  • “Marianao this big”. VI Havana Biennial. 1997. House of Culture of Marianao.
  • Collective Expo in salute to the XIV Festival of Youth and Students. 1997. Gallery “Wifredo Lam”.
  • Academic 1998. A.A.P. San Alejandro.
  • XIII show “Eduardo Abela”. 1998. Gallery “Eduardo Abela” San Antonio de los Baños. Havana.
  • Collective Expo Cultural Center of Spain. October. 1998.
  • VII Biennial “Sunday Ravenet” Plastic Arts. Gallery “Sunday Ravenet”. 1998. Lisa.
  • Virtual Gallery “La Rayuela” End of the Century: “Erotic Suite Cubana”. 1998.
  • VIII Biennial “Sunday Ravenet” Plastic Arts. Gallery “Sunday Ravenet”. 2000. Lisa.
  • Collective Expo “comers”. Gallery “Sunday Ravenet”. 2001. Lisa.
  • Panorama 42. “Enrique José Varona Pedagogical”. Ciudad Libertad. 2006.
  • First Exhibition of Religious Art Parroquia San Francisco Javier. Marianao. 2006.
  • Second Hall Parish Religious Art San Francisco Javier. Marianao. “Christmas, One Hope”. December 2007.
  • Third Salon of Religious Art Parroquia San Francisco Javier. Marianao. John Paul II the Great. January 2008.
  • Collective Expo “Forever Commander” saluting the 50th anniversary
  • the founding of Radio Rebelde. ICRT building. Vedado. February 2008.
  • Stations Project “Human Way Stations”. 21 Institute of Journalism and G. Vedado. February-March 2008.
  • Group Exhibition: Building Juventud Rebelde. March-April 2008.
  • Stations Project “Winter Moon” House of Poetry. Tribute
  • Raul Fdez. Novas. December 2008.
  • Group exhibition “Rencontres”. French Union of Cuba. July 2009.
  • Work in Private Collections: U.S.A., Austria, Spain, Germany, Malta, Mexico, Ecuador, Cuba.


  • 1st place: “Prison Pastoral Care Poster” contest sponsored by the Catholic Church in Cuba. September. 1999.
  • 1st place: Contest “Select Logo: Havana Beaches” School of Hospitality and Tourism. 1995. Guanabo.
  • 1st place: Centennial Contest the fall in combat of José Martí. 1995. A.A.P. San Alejandro.
  • Mention Painting Hall of Religious Art “San Francisco Javier” Church Marianao. 2006.
  • 1st Place Sixth Hall of Religious Art “San Francisco Javier” in December 2008.

Other awards and works:

Making Diplomas:

  • National Edition Award: Llorach Esteban Ramos. International Book Fair 2004.
  • National Social Sciences Award: Salvador Bueno. International Book Fair 2005.
  • National Poetry Prize Nicolas Guillen Ricardo Alberto Pérez Estévez. Work: Oral -B. International Book Fair 2007.

Book covers:

  • “Boats in the bay openwork” Igor Wong. Pinos Nuevos Prize. 2003.
  • “Three” Novel Eduardo del Llano. 2003. Editorial Letras Cubanas.

Plastic Work:

  • Roberto Fernandez Retamar. Caliban 2006 prize.
  • Casa de las Americas. Title of work: “The Key”.
  • Rogelio Martinez Fure. Caliban 2008 prize.
  • He made a painting-mural in the lobby of the Cuban-Canadian Corporation: “Coracan”. August-September 2003.
  • He made a painting-mural in the lobby of the Cuban-Italian Confectionery Corporation “Stella”. December-January 2005.
  • He made a painting-mural in the Cuban-Mexican Corporation Milling Industry “IMSA”. November-December 2004.
  • Designer lights play “The Picture of Dorian Gray” by
  • the theater group “Teatro Perfume”. 1995 Dir. Josue Martinez.
  • – taught a workshop of Drawing and Fine Arts of free creation
  • “Veracoloreando” in the Library Ruben Martinez. Old Havana. August 2007.
  • He has given creative drawing workshops in coordination with the group
  • theater “Cimarron” to which it belongs.
  • Participated as President of the Jury at the “World Day for the Protection of the Ozone Layer”. September. 2007.
  • Preparation of a work for Radio Rebelde Award. February 2009.

Other Work:

  • Presentation of the exhibition “States” in national newscasts (NTV).
  • Presentation of the exhibition: “Table for Six” on “Midday on TV”. April 2007.
  • Presentation of the exhibition “Habaneceres” in national newscasts. (NTV).
  • Interview in the program “evening at home” in November 2007.
  • Spot artistic presentation of exhibition dedicated to Che. Driving and address: Dany González. December 2007.
  • Radio Taíno interview about the exhibition: “Table for Six”. Apr 2007. Driving: Arlettis Roquefuentes.
  • Rebel Radio interview on “Table for Six”. May 2007.
  • Program “Room 500”. Radio Rebelde. Led by Franco Coal.
  • Interview with the radio station “Radio Havana” over the course of drawing creative child “Veracoloreando”. August 2007.
  • Rebel Radio interview about the exhibition “Habaneceres”. February 2008.
  • Interview in the program: “A good time” Taíno Radio. Expo “Habaneceres”.
  • CMBF interview on Radio Musical Nacional, about the exhibition “Habaneceres”. February, 2008.
  • Radio Taino program “Meeting”. Drive: Raquel Mayedo. Nov. 2007.
  • plastic with plastic artist Maikel Herrera action in La Zorra y el Cuervo. Live broadcast of the program “A good time”. May 23, 2009. Music Group Jazz Michel Herrera.
  • Action plastic with plastic artist Ruben Blanco in La Zorra y el Cuervo. Live broadcast of the program “A good time”. 30 May 2009. jazz musical group “Aires de Concierto”.